At EUMC, we use 4 words to describe what a disciple of Jesus Christ looks like.  Our church logo tells the story.



The single star represents The Lord, Our God. Whom we praise and give full attention to, so that we can become open to His presence in our lives.


 In this quadrant, the person is reaching up to God and out to others. We serve within our church by using our abilities and spiritual gifts. By serving together as a unified church family, we can support each other in our spiritual growth journeys.


This quadrant shows a woman reaching out to a child and to her community. Reaching out to our community is an essential  element of Christianity, so that we can invite others to know Christ and to fellowship with believers.


There is always something to learn about His world that we live in, and at Emmanuel, discipleship is an important element of our spiritual journey. By increasing in knowledge of God and the plan for His creation; your biblical worldview guides your thoughts and deeds.

How do we implement the marks of discipleship into ministry?

Notice the cross at the center of the logo. This represents Jesus Christ and our personal relationship with him.  Without each of the four components there would be no cross in the logo.  It is the same with a disciple.  Our response to our personal relationship with Jesus Christ should radiate out in the four marks:  PRAISE, LEARN, SERVE and REACH.

This is also true of our ministries at EUMC. The marks of discipleship can be described as the “nuts and bolts” of how we want to live out our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  Our discipleship pathway is an outflow of the church’s greater mission to make disciples for the transformation of the world.  It is not the role of one group to implement the marks of discipleship in the church.  Each and every ministry plays an important role in the discipleship path.

In order to do so, each programmatic ministry must take time to plan their ministry year in order to be intentional of growing disciples.  The 4 marks of discipleship are key components to include in the ministry planning. Leaders need to consider each ministry offering and identify how the offering provides a pathway for a disciple to grow in his/her journey.