What is Faith Promise Giving?

What is Missions? What is Faith Promise? What is God calling you to give back to Him, that which is His, for the use of Missions? 

Missions is about supporting missionaries who are in the field helping people with basic needs like learning to farm, raising chickens, and transforming people’s faith. 

Missions is also about providing opportunities for us and people like us, to take real action to truly serve others. 

Missions is about helping people who we know are food insecure, even right here in Hamilton County. 

Missions is about providing love and Christmas for kids who, through no fault of their own, wouldn’t have gifts because the providers in their family are incarcerated. 

Missions is about helping those who cannot fix a leaky roof, put in a window themselves, or build a ramp when they need one instead of steps. 

This is not about the church and it’s not about the building. 

Missions is about meeting people where they are and making things better because the Love of Christ commands us to make a difference in their lives. In doing so, our own life is made so much better! 

We ask that you prayerfully consider how God is calling you to step out in faith that He will provide what you are willing to give.