At Emmanuel, it is an important part of our discipleship process to be in a constant state of learning. Whether it is viewing our streaming services on YouTube, or going through a Bible study we want to equip you with more resources.  

A disciple of Jesus is a life-long learner because we are a people who put ourselves in a student-teacher relationship with Jesus. This is the process of embracing the life and ethic of Jesus. 

We grow in our knowledge of the Bible’s content and theology of the church. We grow in our relational knowledge of God and in our relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We grow by living out what we know and allowing the values and goals of justice, mercy, grace, and forgiveness to be expressed in our daily lives.  

The “Learn” of discipleship is both knowing and doing. Emmanuel provides intentional context and content to help you engage this aspect of discipleship through life groups, Sunday school, and Bible studies.  In your group, we believe real life change happens.  This is where you develop friends who can pray for you, care for you, and miss you when you don’t show up.

The types of groups offered at Emmanuel provide learning opportunities for our youngest children through adults on a growth path that involves incremental learning and life application.  We call these learning opportunities Go Learn groups.  Some might feel more like a Sunday school class, others like a life group, and others are structured like a Bible study.

Go Learn – Consider committing to at least one Go Learn opportunity this year. This may be a Sunday morning class, weekday Bible study, or a life group launching in spring 2021. More information on life groups to come!

Other ways to “GO Learn”:

YouTube Channel