Established 1967


Union Chapel United Brethren Church and First United Brethren Church of Noblesville joined to reach the needs of their growing community. 

Ground-breaking services for the new church were had at 2:30 p.m. on September 8, 1968, with our Conference Superintendent, Dr. K.K. Merryman in attendance, who gave the Meditation.  Rev. E. L. Eckerley, (former pastor of the church and a member of the congregation), gave the Prayer of Thanksgiving and Supplication.  Our Mayor, Joe Butler, was in attendance and gave a few brief words, welcoming our new church into the community.  Our Pastor, Rev. Elmer Bosworth was in charge of the service.  Brief words by the chairman of the Building Committee, Jack Waterman, were as follows:

            “In the early part of the year 1967, Union Chapel Church and Noblesville First Church voted to unite and as one people build a new church which would meet the needs of the new congregation.  Down through the years, since the year 1890, these two sister churches have carried on a faithful ministry to God.  It is because of those who have labored so faithfully in the past that we are able to be here today and to build a new church that we pray will be able to meet the needs of our growing community.  In behalf of all those who have labored before us, and the present congregation who have accepted this challenge, I NOW TURN THIS SHOVEL OF DIRT.”

There was an actual plow furnished by Jake Brooks at the scene of the ground-breaking, and Dr. Merryman made the first furrow into the soil where the sanctuary was to be placed.  There was a rope attached to the plow, and all joined in pulling this plow for quite a distance on the site of the new church. 

In 1968, our church became Emmanuel United Methodist Church. The first services were held in September 1970.

Emmanuel United Methodist Church circa 1968