Mission Team -Faith Promise Week 2

This is the second week of Faith Promise focus.  Last week we heard from Wilma Robison who spoke to EUMC about why she serves with the Angel Tree portion of the Mission Team.  This week we will hear from Monte Thacker as to why he serves on the board of Come To Me Food Pantry and how EUMC has affected that mission.  Next week we will hear from Hattie Hynes who has been on numerous mission trips to the Dominican Republic serving alongside Freedom International.  Emmanuel is making a difference in the lives of people in Noblesville, Hamilton County, the United States and the World through donations.  These donations plan out how much the Mission Team can count on support from the EUMC congregation.  The Mission Team knows how to budget those actions based on what you fill out on a Faith Promise Card.  Those cards are due back to the church on May 19th.  Won’t you prayerfully consider giving back to God what is His for the good of the Mission Team and those the team reaches through your generosity?  For a view of the publication showing you exactly where the money is dispersed look at our publication Living by Faith.  Any questions about giving or anything in the publication you can email the Mission Team or call the church office 317-773-4406.

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