Thoughts When We Constructed the Cross at Emmanuel

Philippians 2:8 tells us that:

        “ Jesus was made in the likeness of man.  He came in appearance as a man, for all of us to recognize.  He became obedient, even to the extent of accepting death, even the death on a cross”


After we finished our original building in 1970, it was observed that the red brick wall at the focal end was plain. It was mentioned that we needed a cross there. So we went to see what other churches had done.

We looked at cross sizes, designs, and materials. We saw big and small. We saw shiny metal. We saw highly polished wood. We even saw crosses hung by bright gold chains.

This was not what we had in mind. Then we found this false beam material (possibly for family room ceilings). So we placed the order and received delivery.

The beam material was cut and assembled in the downstairs Fellowship Hall. When it was finished, the cross was carried outside and around through the parking lot to the front entrance of the church.

It crossed our minds “and they led him away to be crucified, he carried his own cross,” As our Lord faltered under his heavy burden—the weight of the cross and the weight of our burdens.

 “They found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name, and they compelled him to bear the cross to Golgotha.”  His way was long and his cross was heavy. This cross was light and our way was short. “He had not slept the night before. Also, he was carrying the sins of all of mankind, including ours.”

 As we raised our cross up in place for all to see, it was empty. Without an empty cross, we have no resurrection; without the resurrection, we have no ascension; without the ascension, we cannot have access to our Father.

                                              By John Dailey (Summer of 1970)