September 25, 2013

Discipleship Pathway

The best way to understand Emmanuel’s path of discipleship is to look at our logo, which is a visual demonstration of our marks of discipleship. We believe all Christ followers should strive to have these four elements in their lives.


First is the upper left section with a star. We hope all people reach for this star, the light of the world, Jesus Christ, and develop a lifestyle of Praise. PRAISE is the key word. We are commanded to Praise the almighty, all-powerful, all-knowing God. Praise is not based on our circumstances but rather on the character and acts of God in history.


The upper right section our logo, which is a leaf, represents LEARN.  All ages need to learn and understand what God has said. This means we must be students of Scripture and be willing learners.  Every person needs to be ready to have a good answer for what and why they believe.  At Emmanuel, we think people learn in a variety of ways.  We learn in small groups, Bible studies and Sunday school, but we also actively learn as we serve in our community or out on a mission trip. 


The third section illustrates a person stretching up to God and stretching out to another. The key word here is SERVE. Every disciple is called to serve. We understand we are serving God as we serve people. We must care for the poor, the widows, the prisoners, the broken, the hurting, and the dying. We must work for justice and mercy. We serve not just within the church but out in our world. We work with other churches and agencies who serve as well.


The last section demonstrates a person reaching out to another. The key word is REACH. We understand that God has given us good news to share:  one person sharing with another or “Each One Reach One.”  Our good news is found in the Bible: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16).  Becoming a disciple starts as each of us accepts this good news for ourselves. We believe passionately that God’s love must be shared with the whole world that all may know.